BREDALs History

The foundation and naming of the company

The company was founded by Poul Thøgersen, who was the owner of the old blacksmith’s shop in town, and Niels Sørensen, an inventive young man. Niels Sørensen’s ideas became reality in Poul Thøgersen’s smithy, and they founded a joint company.

After only a few years Poul Thøgersen left the company, and a local farmer, Johannes Buhl Jensen, took over his place. The company was named after the little village where one of the factories is still located. For many years the name was Maskinfabrikken Bredal A/S (meaning in Danish Machine Manufactor Bredal). The village is situated a little north of the city of Vejle in the south of Denmark.

In 2007 the name of the company was changed to Bredal A/S, an easier and more logical name for markets outside Denmark.


In the early years of the company, production consisted mainly of regular blacksmith jobs, repair work and the production of small products for the local farmers. The actual Bredal production of farm machinery on larger scales did not start till the end of the 1940s, when Niels Sørensen entered the company. 

The history of the Bredal company as producer of farm machinery, starts in the year 1949. The Second World War was over, and agriculture was developing fast thanks to the Marshall Plan. This was when the two founders of the Bredal company joined forces, the owner of the local blacksmith shop in the village of Bredal, Poul Thøgersen, and the inventive Niels Sørensen.
They started producing farm trailers, which could be drawn by either horses or tractors (see picture), these trailers were a huge success, and the positive experience with agricultural machinery led the company to head in this direction.

For many years the company produced all kinds of farm machinery. From the start production concentrated around farm trailers, but quickly the line of products included harrows, fertilizers, manure spreaders, etc. The largest success during the 1950s was an iron wheel to mount on the side of the tractor wheel for a better grip. The foundation of today’s production lines was laid between Christmas and New Year 1965, when Niels Sørensen made the first lime spreader. This spreader was the one that was later called B 46. The production of lime/fertilizer spreaders proved to be a great success and quickly the company had to outsource other products to supply the market with the spreaders it demanded. In the 1970s the demand for spreaders reached a point where the factory in Bredal could no longer supply enough of them. Because the local development plan did not allow the company to expand the existing facilities, in 1976 a new division was built in Bredballe, a suburb of the city of Vejle. Here a brand-new modern production facility was built and the company could again supply the market with the spreaders it demanded. During the 1980s Bredal developed the well known B 2-B 8 series, which were the first trailer spreaders made especially for spreading fertilizer. These became an enormous success, especially in the Danish market, where thousands have been sold.

Today production still concentrates on machines for spreading various materials. Though an increasing number of machines are sold for the maintenance of golf courses, parks, etc., most of the production is still for agricultural use.
Meanwhile Bredal is one of the world’s largest producers of high capacity fertilizer and lime spreaders, and the market for Bredal is no longer just its Danish backyard. Today the company has importers in most parts of the world, and the red Bredal colour is known in most parts of the agricultural world.



The 2 main founders of the company
Niels Sørensen and Johannes Buhl Jensen